about us
Health researchers around a table panning to upload data to cielo.

CIELO stands for “Collaborative Informatics Environment for Learning on Health Outcomes” and is a collaborative tool that enables health researchers, data scientists, policy analysts, and citizen scientists to share software and data and connect with peers, colleagues and specialists to improve the timeliness, efficiency and transparency of data analysis.

CIELO is a collaborative project of AcademyHealth's EDM Forum, which is funded through a cooperative agreement from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Grant #U18 HS022789.

  • AcademyHealth
  • Erin Holve
  • Dana Connors
  • Beth Johnson
  • The Ohio State University
  • Philip R.O. Payne
  • Omkar Lele
  • Arka Pattanayak
  • Chris Heckler
  • Kimberly Leonard
The cielo team is constantly working on updates and features.