frequently asked questions

What is CIELO?
CIELO stands for “Collaborative Informatics Environment for Learning on Health Outcomes.” CIELO is an online collaborative platform for health researchers, informaticians, policy analysts, citizen scientists, and other relevant stakeholders to share health analytics software and data. Users can connect with peers and colleagues across specialties to improve the timeliness, efficiency, and transparency of data analysis.

Is CIELO free?
Absolutely! Users may register to use CIELO at no cost to them or their institutions

How can I create an account / register on CIELO?
Simply visit the login page to create a new account.

How is CIELO supported?
CIELO was initially supported as a Collaborative Project, led by Dr. Philip Payne and his team at The Ohio State University, and continues to be sustained under AcademyHealth’s EDM Forum, which is funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Grant #U18 HS022789.

Is the site open access? Is the information uploaded to CIELO public?
The site is hybrid open and restricted access. Members choose whether their projects are open or not. Visitors may search, view and download open access projects. Other projects may be downloaded by registered users, if so enabled by the contributor.

What are the requirements for contributing datasets, tools, or other content?
All users must contribute only data that has been de-identified to applicable rules and regulations – for example HIPAA and the European Union Data Protection Directive. All users must ensure that human participants have consented to the sharing and use of their data, where required by applicable law. For more information about the site’s operating ethics and principles, please see CIELO’s Terms of use.

Who should I contact if I have questions about CIELO?

If you have questions about CIELO, please contact

For technical assistance / support please contact